US oil inventories down 6.9 million barrels per week

U.S. commercial oil reserves (excluding the strategic reserve) for the week ended September 6 fell 6.9 million barrels, or 1.6%, to 416.1 million barrels, the Energy Ministry’s Energy Information Management (EIA) review said in a weekly review. countries.

Analysts interviewed by Reuters expected a decrease in stocks of only 2.7 million barrels.

According to the ministry, oil production in the US for the week amounted to 12.4 million barrels per day, as a week earlier.

Oil reserves at the country’s largest terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma, fell 0.8 million barrels to 49.3 million.

Gasoline inventories decreased by 0.7 million barrels, or 0.3%, to 228.9 million barrels. Analysts predicted a decrease in gasoline inventories by 0.8 million barrels.

Distillate stocks for the week increased by 2.7 million barrels, or 2%, amounting to 136.2 million barrels. Growth was projected at 0.1 million barrels.

The strategic oil reserve in the country has not changed compared to the previous week and amounted to 644.8 million barrels.

As Vesti.Ekonomika wrote, oil prices accelerated growth on September 11 by midday amid expectations of statistics on US stocks of raw materials according to trading data.

As of 13:02 Moscow time, the price of November futures for the North Sea Brent oil mix rose 1.19% to $ 63.12 per barrel. The cost of the October futures for WTI crude oil increased by 1.34% to $ 58.17 per barrel. Prior to this, price increases did not exceed 1%.

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