Trump: the United States may conclude an interim deal with China

The US President noted that he was interested in a full agreement, but this option is also not excluded.

The US may enter into a temporary trade deal with China, US President Donald Trump said. He noted that he would prefer a full-fledged option, but you can act in stages.

«We have introduced billions of dollars in tariffs. And I would, of course, like the Chinese to finish it all, saying,» Listen, if we’re going to make a deal, let’s do it. «

I see that many analysts are talking about a temporary deal, implying that we will deal with easy questions first. 

But there is no easy or difficult. Either there is a deal, or not. But we will also consider this option. We are fine. We are doing very well, «Trump told reporters.

Meanwhile, as Vesti. Economics wrote earlier, the recent talks between the US and China ended in failure. The American president promised on September 1 to introduce a 10% duty on all Chinese imports.

In October, another round of negotiations on a trade agreement between the United States and China is due to begin. So far, the parties are clearly setting the stage: Washington has postponed the introduction of $ 250 billion duties on Chinese imports for 2 weeks as a “goodwill gesture.” Beijing has excluded 16 items from the list of American goods subject to additional duties.

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